· OEC refresher – Saturday,  October 6th


Registration starts at 7:15 am

Meeting starts at 8:00 am


2018-2019 Dues:  $110.00

Break down

§ National              $55.00

§ Division                $15.00

§ Brighton              $40.00


Make check payable to the Brighton Ski Patrol. We also like cash!


Christ United Methodist Church

3300 South 2375 East

Salt Lake City, UT


The patrol will furnish muffins, pastries, fruit, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, water and juice in the morning.


Lunch – Please remember to bring a lunch


Things to remember when visiting the church

o No food or drinks in the class rooms

o Parking

§  No parking in the veterinarian parking area (southwest corner)

§  Parking is available on the east side of 33rd south in the overflow parking area.

o We will be guests of the church so please smile and say – thank you.  


Things to find and have ready for the OEC refresher – Saturday, October 6th


· You must register for the refresher on line and complete the online components.

o   Remember to print or save the completed certificate. You can show the certificate during registration or email a PDF copy toandy@nationalequipmentcorp.com

· You will need to complete the refresher work book. Show it at the registration table in the morning. Suggestion – START WORKING ON IT NOW (Hopefully you are almost finished J) â€“ It will take you 2 to 3 hours to complete.


· Please find and hold onto your 2017-2018 Season’s Ski Pass. The resort is going to reinitialize or update the season pass format, however the 2018-2019 revision is still in the works.


· We will again use the Debit card to access our earned ski  passes. You will need to show the debit card at the registration table. However, we will not be collecting them.  


· If you have lost your Season’s pass or Debt card please complete the form stating you have lost or mis placed either one or both items at the refresher.


· OEC cycle card – Need David K to sign


· Make sure you have read and completed the scenarios


· You will need your avalanche probes for Sunday’s training events.


Show those knots


· Be ready to tie and show those Knots – We have attached two PDF documents for your review.

o   Knot sign off sheet – listing of knots you will need to have signed off by an instructor. We will have knot sign off sheets in  your registration packet

o   Knots and terms – this is a reference sheet showing how to tie the knots.


· Lift Evac – Sunday, October7th

o Did you find your probes???


Brighton Ski Resort

We may have questionable weather Sunday, October 7th -  high around 51 degrees – partly sunny - keep your fingers and toes crossed.

Suggestion, while you are hunting for your other items, think about finding, gloves, hat, sun glasses, light / medium jacket, rain jacket, good shoes or boots for walking on the terrain under the Crest lift area.


Thank you for your support of the patrol


Laurie J.  David K.  Andy P